Paragon along the famous Orchard Road


Situated at the famous Orchard Road is an up market shopping center called Paragon. The said megamall was designed by Kumpulan Senireka Sendirian Berhad, a Malaysian architectural firm. It was redeveloped in the late 90’s that changed into a modern glass-covered property and has been described as “posh and sleek”.

In January of the year 2008, Paragon began on an $82 million restoration included with almost forty-million dollar land to expand its commercial space and to add more floors of new retail stores, office platforms as well as medical space.

This megamall is definitely one of the top-of-the-line shopping centers in Singapore as it sought trendy brands from all over the world, led by an architecture firm, DP Architects and was completed last December 2008.

This multi award-winning shopping center spreads six levels of designer department outlets, eateries, fashion stores, and sport boutiques including some of the high-grade brands of Canale Patisserie Chocolatier, Jimmy Choo, Muji and Nike. There are a lot of choices of brand names for kids’ clothing such as Armani Kids, Classic & Chic, and Guess kids.

There are also a lot of restaurants to choose from ranging from fairly priced food courts to café culture and high-end dining.

It is generously surrounded with hotels and Orchard Condo such as Holiday Inn Express, Grand Park Orchard, and the upcoming Cairnhill Nine that will provide you not only comfort but also serenity and full convenience as they are only a walking distance from this megamall.

Paragon also comes up with a 20-storey medical space and office tower at the top of its shopping platform.

The Beautiful Pandan Reservoir


One of the largest reservoirs in Singapore near Sheng Hong Temple is the beautiful Pandan Reservoir. It is located at the West Region of Singapore and is currently maintained by the PUB (Public Utilities Board) Singapore.

There are plenty of choices of what to do here with your families or friends just like strolling around and taking pictures with the scenery, benches to relax while reading today’s news, walk or play with your pet, and of course fishing.

Fishing in this place is only permitted with two labeled fishing jetties. People are not allowed to use bread or prawns as bait because their officials patrol around the fishing areas and gives summons to people who are fishing.

The use of fishing nets is prohibited and people could only use Carbon Steel Micro barb or just barbless hooks. to maintain the number of fishes in this reservoir, they only require people to catch and release.

Some of the fish species that you’ll see here are Catfish, Peacock Bass, and Zebra Tilapia.

For people who likes to run every day and lives in The Infinity or at the upcoming Parc Riviera or somewhere near, they would definitely love its running route as it gives a quiet environment that can make people focus in their activities and perfect for night runs as well. The distance of its running route that is around six kilometers loop, is very suitable for long runs.

It provides large space that is quite hard to find in Singapore that everyone loves. Besides the Orchard Condo which are trending right now, you may want to find property nearby this place.

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